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Youtube’tan Danimarka Kararı! Türk Müzik Sektörünü Nasıl Etkiledi?


Danimarka eser sahipleri meslek birliği Koda, Google’ın sahibi olduğu YouTube ile anlaşamadı. Bundan böyle Youtube’un müzik içerikleri Danimarka’dan izlenemeyecek.
Karar, Türk müzik sektörünü de yakından ilgilendiriyor. Danimarka izlemelerinden Türk müzik sektörünün yaklaşık 2.5 milyon TL gelir elde ettiği ve alınan bu kararla bu gelirden mahrum kalınacağı ifade ediliyor.

Over the last few months we’ve been actively negotiating our licensing agreement with POLARIS, a licensing hub which includes KODA, the collecting society representing songwriters & composers in Denmark. Unfortunately, after several months of productive talks in good faith, we’ve been unable to secure an agreement with them. Without a new agreement in place we’re unable to make KODA-licensed content available. Accordingly, we have blocked content which could contain KODA copyrighted works on YouTube in Denmark.

We understand this is a tough situation – it means that our music fans will not be able to access a lot of music content in Denmark, and that labels, artists and other rightsholders will lose out on the revenue and promotional opportunity that YouTube enables.

We are reaching out to you because your content may be affected. Every song and video contains multiple copyrights which may be owned by multiple parties. As a result, even if we have separate agreements in place with other music rightsholders, your content may be impacted by the expiration of the KODA licence and you may lose the opportunity to reach fans and generate revenue from content that embodies KODA works.

We appreciate your understanding and will keep you informed of any developments.